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Kwasi Australia Day

Australians are responsible for a bunch of things:  Sporting teams that almost always go home with a gold (mostly – looking at you, Olympic swim team), chocolate biscuits called Tim Tams, the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chant, Hugh Jackman and ,of course, some of the greatest beaches this world has ever seen.

However, did you know that we’re also responsible for Google Maps?  And Wi-fi?

Fair Dinkum.

So, with Australia Day looming, we thought:
What better time to see how our national treasures are going in the SEO/Social Media/Tech world?


Active on PinterestYouTube and Facebook

Australia’s favourite spread celebrated its 90th Birthday on October 25th, 2013 by pairing with Foodbank, a charity which aims to diminish hunger across Australia. For every Like of Vegemite’s Facebook page, they donated one jar (capped at 90,000) to those less fortunate.

 That’s the true blue Aussie spirit that we can get behind!Vegemite
Vegemite – the breakfast of a champion nation

Happy Little Vegemite

Australian Invention:  Google Maps, mate!

Brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen, along with Noel Gordon and Stephen Ma, co-founded a map related start-up company in Sydney in 2003.

In October of 2004, this company was bought by Google, the four co-founders being employed by Google and working in the engineering section of the Sydney office.

South Australia Day! Menz FruChocs

Active on Facebook and Twitter

Menz FruChocs are a South Australian delicacy which has been re-named as Menz Choc Apricot Balls to the rest of the world.

After 2013’s FruChocs Appreciation Society members names were printed on an Adelaide tram, the brand has set the standard for being at the forefront of Australian icon marketing.   Our love for their constantly active Twitter feed solidified when we found this – their reaction to cleaning up at the SA Food Awards:

RobernMenz reaction to SA Food Awards

Funny cat pictures and FruChocs?  Awesome.

Australia! Starring Hugh Jackman

Active on Instagram and  Twitter.

Jean Valjean likes a selfie! Active on Instagram, the Wolverine himself posts images of dodgy haircuts (We hope that was for a role!) as well as charitable efforts such as 16 push ups for clean water in Uganda.  He also confirmed his next Broadway role via Instagram.

Whilst most of his twitter feed is courtesy of his Instagram account, he participates in Q&A forums and gives shout outs to his friends and colleagues.

Hugh Jackman Andy LEe 2

Possibly the most Aussie photo ever:  Hugh Jackman and Andy Lee (of Hamish and Andy fame) cheering on the Aussie cricket team with a VB scoreboard.

Kylie Minogue 

Active on Twitter and Facebook

As a judge on The Voice UK and a new judge on The Voice Australia, Facebook is Kylie’s most active outlet.  There, she uses her page for teasing fans with previews of upcoming tracks, samples from remixes and of course – all of her latest tour and appearance information.

Kylie Minogue

Remember Charlene?

Tim Tams

Active on Twitter and Facebook

Though  there doesn’t appear to be a set handle for the lovely bundles of goodness themselves, the Arnott’s Bikkies handle tweets on behalf of Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuits.  And while the Arnott’s Bikkies feed reads more as a direction to a statement posted on Facebook regarding their use of Palm Oil, they’re still pretty active.

Of course, for all you coffee and Milo suckers, there are always Tim Tam Slam How-To guides all over the internet

There is a Twitter handle for the US stockists, Pepperidge Farm, but really, if you’re going to go Tim Tams, you’re going to go Aussie, right?

Tim Tam

Now, this is a chocolate biscuit!

Australian Invention:  WTF, Wi-Fi?!

Oz has some seriously hard-wired geeks: John O’Sullivan developed a chip that could transmit a signal whilst reducing echo, beating other telecommunications companies to it.  Whilst he wasn’t the sole inventor of Wi-Fi, he cracked the code, and he’s Aussie, so we’re giving him a very patriotic hats off and massive techno-thumbs up.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Beer, Beer, Beer:

Active on Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Facebook 

And, of course, beer.  We were going to look at Fosters, but let’s be realistic: Australians are always going to argue which beer is better.  So, for the simple purposes of patriotism and because they have a great home page, we bring you the great southern brew from the great southern state of the great southern land: Coopers.

In October, Coopers joined with Spotify to ask pub goers to vote for their favourite Australian song.  The evolving playlist was displayed on their website and Facebook page, as well as giving Pale Ale drinkers the chance to win 1 of 1000 Spotify Premium Memberships.

Non brand beer
Mmm… Beer… 

So there you have it: Tell us, what (or who!) is your favourite Aussie icon?  Do you follow them on social media?

Happy KWAStralia Day!

Australia Day BBQ

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