Marketing Personas & Customer Journey Mapping

Without knowing who your customers are, how can you meet their needs?

Attracting and satisfying the right customers is fundamental to almost every business on the planet. But when it comes to digital, most businesses are in the dark.

Our digital strategies begin with developing Digital Personas and Customer Journeys that shed light on the demographics, psychographics, motivations and online behaviours of our clients’ target audiences.

Built on deep research using cutting-edge online tools and methodologies, our Digital Personas provide an accurate and detailed picture of your online audience, how to attract them, engage with, motivate and convert them.

Customer Journeys map in detail the process your target audience takes they decide to become a customer, from being a stranger right up to the point of purchase. The Customer Journey is a visual representation of the channels, content, networks, questions and motivations that influence your persona’s decision.

Digital Personas and Customer Journeys help shape every part of your digital transformation, starting with keyword research.

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Owen Hodge Lawyers

Increased Leads 142% in 6 Months for Sydney Law Firm

  • The challenge: 120% increase in monthly leads for Sydney-based law firm.
  • The solution: Advanced keyword mapping on-page optimisation, conversion optimisation.
  • The results: 142% increase in leads, 48% increase in website traffic
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