Kwasi Traits

Kwasi is a bit different to your ordinary digital agency. And a big reason for that is because our people are a bit different and definitely far from ordinary.

Every member of our team is not just a kick-ass specialist in their areas, they also share a set of Kwasi traits. It’s kind of like our own superhero code.

You’ll recognise us by the following personality traits.

We are playful

Yeah, we’re a bit nerdy and we hustle pretty hard, but we know how to let our hair down too. We’re a little quirky, optimistic, and we’re always good for a bit of banter.

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We are straight shooters

Good news or bad, you’ll always get the full truth from Kwasi. We’re authentic, self-aware, honest direct, and our doctor tells us we’re allergic to excuses.

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We are masters in our field

We’re hungry for knowledge and constantly looking for ways to improve what we do. Curious and inquisitive folk, we live, work and think outside the box.

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We really care

At Kwasi, we care deeply about our clients, their businesses and their customers. We’re loyal, trustworthy, responsible, respectful, kind and empathetic.

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Do our traits sound a lot like yours? Get in touch, we could be great for each other.