If you’re on the way to digital mastery and looking to make your mark in the online marketing world, we’ve got a spot for you at Kwasi.

We are a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency driving digital transformation for Australia’s most exciting brands. We develop innovative strategies that grow traffic, leads and sales for our clients’ businesses.

Everyone on Team Kwasi is a master in their field and annoyingly good at each other’s too.

We’re also a team of dedicated individuals who are quirky and fun and we’re always on the look out for fresh blood.

Look out for current opportunities with Kwasi here, or hit us up if you think you’ve got something to add to the team we haven’t thought of yet.

We also have a pretty intense internship program, if you’re looking for more experience or learn a new specialisation (or if you’ve got something to prove!)

On board but your ideal role and expertise isn’t advertised here? Send us your CV, a cover letter and share something you’re proud of and we’ll be in touch.

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