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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is moving digital to the heart of your business. It’s using continual optimisation to make your website and digital channels the engines that drives your business growth. Read about our digital transformation process to learn more.

What makes Kwasi unique?

We transform businesses like no one else. Starting at the foundation, we digitally transform your website from a house to a skyscraper. We become your strategic partner, working with you to understand your customers and create something they will find, love and buy.

Can you guarantee that your help will grow my business?

There are no guarantees in life, marketing, or the  internet. But our experience tells us that we’ll be able to grow your business no matter your industry, goals or how well (or badly) digital is working for you at the moment.

I have a huge vision for the size of growth I want for my company, can you work with this?

Of course we can. We’re here to take your most ambitious goals and help you reach them through our tailored digital strategies.

Do you build websites?

We’re not a web development company, but we are digital architects. We offer website development strategies that are designed to improve your existing website or guide you through building one from scratch.

So while we don’t build websites ourselves, if you’re thinking about building a new website we can help you:

  • Connect with and select the best developer for your project.
  • Turn your goals into a concrete development plan and requirements guide for your developers.
  • Design your information architecture, wireframes and set your website strategy.
  • Project manage the build and bridge the gap between technical developers and your teams.
  • Manage the website launch and migration to optimise performance.

Why does Kwasi’s process start with an Architect phase?

We believe that long-term, sustainable success begins at the foundation. Our Architect phase consists of four parts: the Persona & Journey, Research, Review and Plan. These fundamental elements give us the insights, benchmarks and strategy to improve your website and achieve your business goals.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends a lot on your goals and where you’re starting from, but we typically start to see strong results after the first 3 months. Our process begins with a Research and Review phase, which generally takes 6-12 weeks depending on the level and depth of work required. Strategy execution begins after this phase.

During strategy execution, you’ll have full visibility on how we’re tracking against your goals with access to your own goal and a report every month that shows what milestones we’re hitting and working towards next. If you need more information, you can shoot us an email or give us a call at any time: we pride ourselves on our transparency.

I already have a strategy. I just need a vendor to perform maintenance on my website. Do you do that?

We’re strategic partners, not vendors. We care about your business and are willing to do what it takes to achieve your business goals. If your goal is improving the usability of your website, then we can make that happen.

I need results fast, can you help me?

We drive rapid growth for many of our clients, but always by getting the foundation right first. That can take a couple of months, but the results we get after that turn out faster and more sustainable in the long run.

I own a business in a unique industry, can you cater to this?

We love niche businesses and unique industries – it means you have something new to offer and a specific audience that can be defined and marketed to.

I have a small one-person owned and operated business, can you help me grow?

Our digital transformation solutions work best for medium to large businesses and brands who are planning aggressive growth. If this isn’t you, we might not be the best fit. Get in touch with some details about yourself and your goals and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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