Digital Marketing Training

Enhance your digital marketing capabilities and expertise with tailored training packages from the Kwasi team.

In today’s digital world, staying ahead is essential for any business. At Kwasi, we believe that ongoing education is one of the keys to success in digital marketing. Our training services are designed to increase your team’s knowledge and skills, helping you excel and improve your marketing outcomes.

We offer training sessions in all facets of digital marketing including SEO, advertising, email marketing, analytics and more. All training packages can be tailored to your needs, whether you’re a marketing professional, business leader, or in a non-digital role looking to enhance your digital skills.

If you’re based in Adelaide, we can provide training face-to-face at your location, our offices, online or a hybrid approach. For anyone outside of Adelaide, we can provide live training online via video calls. We are always more than happy to provide video recordings and training materials for all training sessions so additional and future staff can benefit too.

Who can benefit from training?

Our training packages suit marketing teams of all types and sizes who want to improve their ability to integrate digital marketing strategies and channels into their overall marketing mix. Whether you – or your team – are a marketing generalist or specialising in a non-digital area like PR, traditional advertising, event marketing or brand management, you can benefit from our digital marketing training.

Business leaders, ecommerce managers, sales and accounts teams and people in other business functions looking to work more closely with or better understand digital marketing would also gain valuable insights and skills from the training sessions.

Training Options

We can provide tailored training in any aspect of digital marketing you want to learn. Our most requested training packages often include one or more of the following disciplines.

SEO Training

Search Engine Optimisation can be an extremely high-ROI channel as results compound over time. In addition, the techniques and methods of SEO can be applied across many other disciplines and channels to better understand, attract and convert customers.

We can help you upskill in areas of SEO including:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing for search engines
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building

Copywriting Training

Writing will always be an important skill for any digital marketer to have in their toolkit. Although many people believe it’s a skill you either have or you don’t, it can be taught – and we’ve helped many marketers sharpen their writing abilities through our training packages.

Some of the copywriting training topics we can cover include:

  • Writing for websites and SEO
  • Conversion copywriting
  • How to write compelling ad copy
  • Writing for social media
  • Writing for email marketing
  • Improving your processes with generative AI like ChatGPT

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is a vital tool for anyone working in digital marketing, but it can have a steep learning curve if you’re not familiar with it or are more used to Universal Analytics.

We can provide introductory, in-depth and practical training sessions on Google Analytics for marketers of all levels including topics like:

  • How to navigate and use the GA4 interface
  • Key terminology, metrics and dimensions
  • How to report and explore website data and performance
  • Attribution and how to understand the role and value of your marketing channels and activities
  • User segmentation and insights
  • Google Analytics setup, customisation and admin features

PPC Advertising Training

Learn practical skills to improve your ability to manage and drive desired results from your PPC advertising efforts. Our team is highly experienced in advertising across all channels including Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, Bing, and many other social media and online marketing channels.

We can help you improve your abilities to:

  • Understand and get the most out of the advertising platforms
  • Manage bids and budgets with confidence
  • Plan and strategise to drive performance
  • Improve your day-to-day management of your accounts
  • Create and launch new campaigns
  • Analyse data and make decisions about your campaigns and accounts

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