Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure your website can be seen when customers come looking.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website’s visibility in organic Search Engine Results Pages – the first place most customers will come looking.

Kwasi’s SEO services begin with tailored strategies designed to meed the needs of every client to suit their business, their goals, their ideal target customers and their industry. Drawing from a full range of SEO services, our strategies a mix of:

Content Optimisation

Align your website to the keywords your customers are using to find you. We optimise your on page content, metadata and internal links for the most important keywords.

Technical SEO

Without a firm technical foundation, search engines can’t find, index or show your website to customers. Make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

Link Building

Boost your online authority and credibility with a tailored link building strategy. We find and acquire links that improve your website’s performance.

Local SEO

Make sure your business can be found by customers in your local area. Local SEO is essential for any business that relies on local customers.

Site Speed Optimisation

Time is way more than money in the internet age. Search engines and visitors favour speedy websites so we audit and optimise your website to run faster and faster.

Website Migration

Make sure your website continues to grow your business as you migrate to a new server, Content Management System or domain. Our site migration services will help protect your rankings and traffic during a move.

International SEO

Bring your website to a wider international market by targeting the top search engines each country specifically, using best practices for language, site structure, service and data in each region.

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