Increased Leads 142% in 6 Months for Sydney Law Firm

Owen Hodge Lawyers

Advanced keyword mapping, highly targeted on-site optimisation & user behaviour testing increased traffic and conversions for Owen Hodge Lawyers.

Owen Hodge Lawyers, a fast-growing Sydney-based commercial and personal law firm, wanted a website that could drive their growth, not just keep up with it.

We’d just helped them launch a new website that had a better design, better structure for SEO, was well-optimised and error-free. We had the foundation right, so to meet their goals for traffic and leads we needed an aggressive strategy.

The goals

  • 120% increase in leads per month after six months
  • At least a 30% increase in sessions per month after six months
  • Increase Page Authority (PA) across website. Average PA before the website rebuild was 1.

The results

  • 142% increase in monthly leads
  • 48% increase in sessions
  • 18 average PA across website
  • 24 average PA on targeted pages

+ 142%

Monthly Leads

+ 48%


18 Ave

PA across website

24 Ave

PA – targeted pages

The strategy

Having just launched a new website following our Web Developer Guide, wireframes and Kwasi Index, Owen Hodge Lawyers had the foundation right. They were ready to grow their traffic, leads and online visibility.

Owen Hodge offers a full range of commercial and personal law services, and the biggest challenge we faced was the sheer breadth of pages on the website.

To achieve their goals, we opted for a highly targeted approach that let us improve on-site ranking factors for the pages that would yield the strongest results first.

Our SEO strategy began with advanced keyword mapping against the Kwasi Index to identify current rankings, priority, and what needs to be done to reach potential for each page. Advanced Keyword Mapping is like a keyword triage system: which have the most potential and what can be done to reach it?

Based on priority list, we improved organic search performance by:

  • Optimising on page content and metadata for the highest priority keywords
  • Strategically targeting high priority pages with internal links, proportionally to their priority.
  • Performing on-going technical maintenance and performance technical SEO optimisation.

While the individual tactics executed were straightforward, the system of targeting priority pages first and then scaling to lower priority pages was key to achieving our goals.

To further grow leads for Owen Hodge Lawyers we took a similarly focused approach to increasing conversion rates on key pages. High priority pages were targeted for user behaviour analysis, experiments and on-going conversion rate optimisation.

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