530% Increase in Revenue & 12x ROI Through Structured Google Ads Campaigns

Oz Hair & Beauty

Australian eCommerce business Oz Hair & Beauty generates all sales and revenue through its website selling haircare products, beauty products and hair appliances at affordable prices.

After a revamp of their website lead to greater organic search performance, more sales and higher conversion rates, Oz Hair & Beauty challenged Kwasi to grow their sales with cost-effective Google Ads and PPC advertising campaigns.

The goal

  • 20x ROI for paid campaigns. PPC needed to generate $20 revenue for every $1 spent.

The results

  • 12x ROI on Google Search ads
  • 15.8x ROI for Google Shopping ads
  • 16% conversion rate on paid campaigns
  • 530% year-on-year increase in revenue

24x ROI

Google Search ads

32x ROI

Google Shopping


conversion rate on paid campaigns


year-on-year increase in revenue

The strategy

The key challenge for Oz Hair Beauty was their wide range of products. Running ads for a decent selection of their products would mean not just bidding on many different brand names, but for products with very different profit margins too.

To meet Oz Hair & Beauty’s key goal for return on investment, we chose to set up their account with a SKAG structure. Setting up Single Keyword Ad Groups meant creating an ad group for every product but would give us much more control of the account’s total ROI.

The SKAG structure lead to high relevance and Quality Scores for each ad, which kept costs low enough to achieve at least a 20x return on investment for most products, but we continued to improve performance across the account by:

  • Adjusting bids and budgets to favour the ads with the highest ROI.
  • Optimising ads with ROI close to 20x.
  • Minimising ads with ROI below 20x.
  • Rolling out more ad groups for more products.

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