Google Tag Manager Setup for GA4

Configuring Google Analytics 4 is only half the battle. Setting up Google Tag Manager to send data from your website into GA4 is just as vital.

Google Analytics 4 can do a lot of things, but one thing it can’t do on its own is send data from your website into itself. For data to get from your website into GA4, another system called Google Tag Manager (GTM) needs to be setup correctly.

When properly configured, Google Tag Manager turns user actions on your website – like page loads, clicks, form submissions and much more – into data points that are meaningful to GA4. For this reason, getting the GTM setup right is crucial for a successful GA4 migration. 

How can Kwasi help?

To kickstart the Google Analytics GTM setup process, we will configure all the tags, such as events and Ecommerce, that work alongside your measurement strategy. To match your UA tags, we will develop a tag container, as well as triggers and variables. We will also provide all developers with a detailed list of tracking instructions in case any more codes need to be added in the future. 

Lastly, we will thoroughly test the tag implementation alongside developers, with two rounds of reviews, so you can trust your GA GTM setup will be successfully running.

Migrate to the new Google Analytics 4 before July 1

Make sure you’re ready to transition when Google Analytics is replaced this year to ensure your business isn’t disrupted.

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