User Experience Design

You can bring people to your website, but you need a great UX design to get them to stay, convert and enjoy the process.

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of improving user satisfaction online by enhancing the usability, accessibility and experience provided when visitors interacting with your website.

Your website should encompass the whole buyer’s journey – guiding your customer through the awareness, consideration and decision stages. UX design focuses on the why, what and how of your website.

During our review stage, Kwasi audits your website with a focus on improving the overall experience for any user. Our proposed digital strategy will incorporate recommendations to enhance the visual design, interface usability and actionability on each of your sites pages, creating a better UX for your customers from start to finish.

Kwasi knows how important UX is for attracting, guiding and converting your customers. It is everything that makes a website work for real humans and what makes them stay once we help them find you.

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Shiels Jewellers

Accurate Digital Persona Guides Strategy for National Jewellery Retailer

  • The challenge: Understand the target audience for a national jewellery retailer.
  • The solution: Digital Persona, Customer Journey Mapping, Content Audit.
  • The results: research-based, data-backed customer insights to guide strategy.
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