Market Research

Market Research is a fundamental stage of creating a tailored marketing strategy.

Any marketing strategy is only as good as the data its built on. Kwasi use best-in-class market research methodologies to create a firm picture of your target audience, their marketing preferences and the competitive landscape. These insights power our digital strategies and can be applied to improve your total marketing and business plans.

Marketing Personas & Customer Journey Mapping

Deep research into your ideal customer’s demographics, psychographics, motivations and mapping of their online behaviours lays the foundation of a strong strategy.

Keyword Research

We uncover the exact terms your ideal customers use to find your products and services, including the goals they want to achieve and the problems they want to solve. Keyword research is a cornerstone of your digital strategy and the key to being found online.

Competitor Analysis

We find your online competitors and see how you stack up against them. Analysing your competitors’ online performance tells you how to overtake them for superior market share.

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