Landing Page Optimisation

Make your first impressions count and turn more new visitors into satisfied customers.

What is a landing page good for if it doesn’t achieve conversions? Whether you’re trying to capture leads or generate sales, a landing page is often the bridge between a curious visitor and a happy new customer.

Landing Page Optimisation is the process of improving elements of your website, and the landing page itself, to increase conversion rates for your visitors. A strong landing page that captures audiences and achieves conversions, will in turn lead to significant improvements for your business.

Lucky for you, Kwasi has some proven methods up their sleeves to help your business achieve optimal results:

  • We believe a good landing page begins with a clean, attractive design – one that looks well thought out, trustworthy, professional and works for your brand.
  • A strong headline with search engine optimisation is relevant, and so is concise and simple content that communicates what you’re website is all about and why your customer needs to know more.
  • We then build on this by limiting the number of actions on the landing page for simplicity’s sake, and implement content to establish trust and credibility that encourages visitors to convert.

Some small tweaks here and there all add up to see your business achieve big results through landing pages.

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Owen Hodge Lawyers

Increased Leads 142% in 6 Months for Sydney Law Firm

  • The challenge: 120% increase in monthly leads for Sydney-based law firm.
  • The solution: Advanced keyword mapping on-page optimisation, conversion optimisation.
  • The results: 142% increase in leads, 48% increase in website traffic
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Case Study

National Menswear Retailer

139% Increase in Revenue & Solid Traffic Growth Following Website Migration

  • The challenge: Preserve traffic, visibility and sales throughout website rebuild and migration.
  • The solution: Keyword/URL mapping, Web Developer Guide, live monitoring.
  • The results: Traffic, visibility, conversions and revenue all improved through migration.
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