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What is the best way to nudge website visitors to become customers?

Every website visitor you get is somewhere along a customer journey. Some are ready to become your customer right now, some are weighing up their options and some are only just beginning to work out what they want.

Understanding the journeys your visitors are on is the first step to making it easier for them to get to the destination – which is always good for business.

When you understand the journey, you can set up nurture streams to help your customers through it. By taking the next step to automation these streams, you create an always-on customer acquisition machine that keeps attracting, nurturing and converting the right customers for you.

At Kwasi, we map out your marketing persona’s journey to build and automate workflows to bring you more traffic, leads and sales. To do this, we can work with your existing systems or recommend the best automation software to implement for your needs.

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Owen Hodge Lawyers

Increased Leads 142% in 6 Months for Sydney Law Firm

  • The challenge: 120% increase in monthly leads for Sydney-based law firm.
  • The solution: Advanced keyword mapping on-page optimisation, conversion optimisation.
  • The results: 142% increase in leads, 48% increase in website traffic
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