Google Analytics 4 Interface Customisation

Build custom reports and dashboards that tell the full story about your digital marketing performance in your GA4 interface.

In many ways, the Google Analytics 4 interface provides marketers a blank slate, which can be a shock to anyone used to having dozens of reports to pull insights from. But on the other hand, the customisable features available on the GA4 interface allows marketers to track the metrics that really matter how they want and where they want – and leave anything irrelevant out.

When set up to suit your needs, the GA4 interface is far more user-friendly and easier to navigate, compared to Universal Analytics. This is because GA4 has clearly labelled and instead focuses on the things that matter to businesses the most – such as engaged users, events that create value for your business and revenue generated. 

How can Kwasi help?

Based on your measurement strategy, we will identify the reports that should be included in the GA4 interface, and how they should be organised within the navigation.

From there, we will design and build the report interfaces within your Google Analytics 4 account. Our team can also give you in-depth training, so you can easily navigate and get the most out of your interface.

Although it’s usually not necessary, we can even configure your GA4 interface to look like Universal Analytics, if that’s your preference.

Ask us about our optional GA4 services

With GA4 configured, Google Tag Manager set up and your interface customised, you’ll be fully migrated to Google Analytics 4, and ready to use it to measure your performance and power decision-making.

If you still need a little more to get up and running, ask us about how we can help you. We are often asked to help clients out with the following optional services.

Custom dashboards and monthly reporting

It’s not uncommon for a wide range of custom reports, dashboards, presentations and even board reports to draw from Google Analytics to inform stakeholders and guide decision making across the wider organisation.

These use cases shouldn’t be overlooked during the transition to the new Google Analytics 4. Kwasi is here to help with an optional add-on to our GA4 migration services.

Data backups

From July 1, the current version of Google Analytics will no longer collect new data, but before long Google will also remove all historical data as well.

If access to historical data is important to you, particularly for forecasting or benchmarking performance, we can support you to backup your historical data.


In the long-term, Google Analytics 4 will be easier to use and extract insight from than the classic Universal Analytics. In the short-term though, you can expect a steep learning curve as you adjust to the new interface and back-end process for collecting and processing data.

We can help your team with the transition with training sessions and materials tailored to suit your needs and use cases.

Migrate to the new Google Analytics 4 before July 1

Make sure you’re ready to transition when Google Analytics is replaced this year to ensure your business isn’t disrupted.

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