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Make your business come out on top in search with targeted, cost-effective Google Ads.

Search advertising is the practice of managing online advertisements in Google search results to attract the right customers at the right moments to generate sales and leads.

Businesses bid on keywords that potential customers might search for to find their business, product or service. If the words people type into the search engine match your keywords, then bingo, you have yourself a potential customer.

Search engine marketing campaigns, including Google Ads reach targeted audiences to bring more of the right people to your website at the moments they are most likely to convert. Google Ads will continue to grow your brand and encourage your customers to take action, whether you want them to buy something now or for lead generation.

Kwasi is your go-to Google Ads agency for high-performing paid search strategies. We know how to optimise search advertising to drive traffic, sales and leads – we make sure you always get your money’s worth by hitting the targets you want for return on investment.

Looking to get a better grip on your Google Ads account? We also offer PPC audit services.

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Cota Insurance

Targeted Facebook Advertising Strategy Drives Leads for Seniors Travel Insurer

  • The challenge: increase travel insurance leads cost-effectively in a small niche.
  • The solution: Highly targeted Facebook advertising, focused on demographics & interest.
  • The results: 2,000 new leads at a cost of just $2.21 per lead.
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