Aus retailer boosts revenue 327% in 12 months with Kwasi PPC


“Kwasi have proven themselves as effective and trustworthy partners in helping us understand, define and achieve success with our digital marketing activities. Their hands on approach and dedication to our business and our goals has meant we have had the ability to be creative and adventurous with the promotion of our brand and our products, continually reaching qualified and engaged audiences and converting them into REDARC advocates.”

Clayton Parks, Digital Content Manager

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Based in South Australia, REDARC has 40 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products in a range of industries, including; 4WD and recreational vehicles, trucking, mining, agricultural, and defence.

The Challenge

Kwasi and REDARC have enjoyed a strong relationship over the last 5 years, and in August 2020 they reached out to Kwasi to engage us in their Google Ads strategy and implementation, as they were looking to significantly increase their footprint in the US, Australia and other global markets. To achieve this, they needed to have a robust digital marketing strategy at play.

The Solution

With considerable experience running major e-commerce accounts and nationwide ads campaigns for our ecommerce clients, Kwasi was up to the challenge. REDARC’s strategy was tailored to succeed in both home & away markets.

This was achieved by: 

  • Restructuring the Google Ads Account: The first step to success was setting up a clear account structure to allow easy management, reporting and analysis. By consolidating multiple accounts into one and using a clear naming taxonomy for each target market, Kwasi simplified REDARC’s ads account and set the foundations for success.
  • Unique ROAS Targets: We knew that even with the similar product offerings, no markets operate the same and therefore we couldn’t have one blanket approach. Each region had to have specific goals set with a clear definition of success. Aligning campaigns to specific return on ad spends (ROAS) per region was essential to our multinational ads strategy.
  • Accurate Measurement: Ensuring accurate measurement by having the relevant conversion tags in place helped the REDARC account in two ways. First, it allowed accurate measurement and currency conversion when reporting monthly results. Secondly, it opened the door for Google’s machine learning to accurately optimise bids and extract maximum performance from the account.
  • Smart Shopping: Experience has taught us that no e-commerce campaign is complete without a killer Shopping campaign. We’ve had plenty of success cultivating the perfect shopping feeds, so Kwasi worked closely with Google partners to ensure REDARC was set up for success on Google Shopping in Australia, NZ and the US.
  • Driving Brand Growth: Being a relatively new player in the US meant that REDARC had minimal market share. Kwasi saw this as an opportunity by prospecting to new, relevant customers on the Google display and YouTube networks. Using sophisticated audience targeting, Kwasi was able to significantly grow traffic and REDARCs branded search in the large and competitive US market.
  • Google Partners: As a Google Agency Partner, Kwasi has exclusive access and insights to Google’s in-house team. This provided REDARC with tailored support – unlocking access to new Google products, betas and industry insight.

The Results

  • 387% increase in annual Google Ads revenue in the US over the last 12 months (Dec 2020 – Nov 2021)
  • Generating over 4x ROAS in the US over the last 12 months & exceeding targets for the region.
  • Over 322% increase in monthly Google Ads revenue during peak Black Friday sales period in the US.
  • 281% increase in annual Google Ads Revenue in Australia over the last 12 months (Dec 2020 – Nov 2021)
  • Generating over 7x ROAS in Australia over the last 12 months & exceeding regional ROAS targets.
  • Over 112% increase in monthly Google Ads revenue during peak Black Friday sales period in Australia.




Increase in Google Ads Revenue




Google Ads Black Friday Revenue



Increase in Google Ads Revenue




Google Ads Black Friday Revenue

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