Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the cornerstone of any valuable website.

The effectiveness of SEO hangs on the ability to appear in search results for the right searches.

And keyword research is the process of finding out what the right searches are. It’s identifying the topics that matter most to your ideal customers and the exact terms they use to find information and solutions.

A website without keyword research is a website without a plan. Without keyword research, the chances you have of being seen online by potential customers at the most crucial moments are seriously impaired.

At Kwasi we give websites purpose, direction and a true shot at success with targeted keyword research forming the backbone of our digital strategies.

We conduct keyword research that accounts for your goals, unique selling points, research into your target audience and competitor analysis. Our keyword ideas are all validated and mapped to website pages to create a roadmap for your SEO strategy.

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Owen Hodge Lawyers

Increased Leads 142% in 6 Months for Sydney Law Firm

  • The challenge: 120% increase in monthly leads for Sydney-based law firm.
  • The solution: Advanced keyword mapping on-page optimisation, conversion optimisation.
  • The results: 142% increase in leads, 48% increase in website traffic
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Case Study

National Menswear Retailer

139% Increase in Revenue & Solid Traffic Growth Following Website Migration

  • The challenge: Preserve traffic, visibility and sales throughout website rebuild and migration.
  • The solution: Keyword/URL mapping, Web Developer Guide, live monitoring.
  • The results: Traffic, visibility, conversions and revenue all improved through migration.
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