Google Shopping

Make your products the first things people see when they’re looking to buy.

Advertising via Google Shopping makes your products easily accessible and highly visible to your customers. It’s a specific style of advertisement that is displayed when customers use Google to search for products. These ads appear can appear both on regular searches and their own dedicated category on Google.

Success with Google Shopping comes down to three main areas:

  • Creating product feeds: the process of uploading your product data, images and pricing.
  • Bidding: using the right strategies and budgets for the right product keywords.
  • Monitoring and optimising your ad creative, bidding and placement using Google’s performance reports and data.

Google Shopping is a goldmine for both online shoppers and businesses, which is why it’s so important for businesses to take advantage of it to reach the right customers and capture their attention right when they’re ready to buy.

Done right, a Shopping campaign leads to greater sales, generating more leads and more traffic.

Find out how we can grow your sales and profits through targeted Google Shopping campaigns.

Oz Hair & Beauty

530% Increase in Revenue & 24x ROI Through Structured AdWords Campaigns

  • The challenge: 20x Return on Investment on AdWords for hair and beauty products.
  • The solution: Single Keyword Ad Groups targeting individual brands with granular bidding and budget control.
  • The results: Minimum 24x ROI with a 530% increase in revenue year-on-year.
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Case Study

National Menswear Retailer

139% Increase in Revenue & Solid Traffic Growth Following Website Migration

  • The challenge: Preserve traffic, visibility and sales throughout website rebuild and migration.
  • The solution: Keyword/URL mapping, Web Developer Guide, live monitoring.
  • The results: Traffic, visibility, conversions and revenue all improved through migration.
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Link Building Grows Revenue 50% for Florist Supplier eCommerce Site

  • The challenge: Increase authority and search visibility for eCommerce website.
  • The solution: Targeted link building with a niche blogger outreach strategy.
  • The results: Domain Authority increased 26 to 50, leading to 50% increase in revenue from targeted pages.
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