Lead Nurturing

Foster quality and long-lasting relationships with your potential customers.

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your targeted customers at every stage of their Customer Journey.

It’s the way to virtually hold your customer’s hand from the time they show an interest, on through to their decision to buy. By offering targeted content that keeps your customer engaged at all touch points, you’ll build trust and brand loyalty. Email marketing is a major player in this process too – with personalised content delivered straight to their inbox, you can continue to attract and persuade your customers into buying.

Strong customer-business relationships are just as important as a strong foundation, they’re fundamental elements that a website can’t survive without.

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Cota Insurance

Targeted Facebook Advertising Strategy Drives Leads for Seniors Travel Insurer

  • The challenge: increase travel insurance leads cost-effectively in a small niche.
  • The solution: Highly targeted Facebook advertising, focused on demographics & interest.
  • The results: 2,000 new leads at a cost of just $2.21 per lead.
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