GA4 Setup & Configuration

Rely on a team of experienced strategists and technical specialists to set up your Google Analytics 4 correctly.

Setting up your Google Analytics 4 account to receive and process your data correctly, in line with your measurement strategy is a critical part of the GA4 migration process. Careful implementation is required at this step to ensure that the data that is collected and then reported to you is accurate and reliable.

How can Kwasi help?

With a measurement strategy and detailed migration plan in place, our technical specialists will set up your Google Analytics account and begin the process of implementing the most vital configurations. This ensures GA4 is running smoothly for data quality, retention and access control, whilst making sure it aligns with your specific business goals

Working with your key stakeholders, if required, Kwasi will also take into account any data policies that may be required for your specific business; and implement privacy and consent platforms to ensure your data is ethical, safe and secure. 

During this stage, we will also migrate any events from Universal Analytics that will be required moving forwards. This involves:

  • Developing a migration plan from Universal Analytics events and Ecommerce.
  • Mapping all tag changes needed and providing code samples.
  • Configuring GA4 to accept new code and work with reports.
  • Training the team on how to utilise the new GA4 features they can now access (optional).

Migrate to the new Google Analytics 4 before July 1

Make sure you’re ready to transition when Google Analytics is replaced this year to ensure your business isn’t disrupted.

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