Digital transformation is vitally important to Government and Public Sector organisations that need to stay relevant, communicate effectively and reach their customers.

A website that is well-designed, structured and accessible for customers to find, navigate easily and understand, backed up with a robust digital strategy for communication is an integral element of success.

Working with Kwasi means developing digital strategy that aligns with your needs as an organisation to grow your brand awareness and traffic and better engage the right people.

Our digital strategies are tailored to suit the needs of Government and include:

  • Digital Personas & Journeys: we conduct in-depth research into your target audience, their needs, communication styles and information finding process.
  • Keyword Research: we identify the exact terms people use to find you and your services.
  • Information Architecture: we ensure your website includes all the important information, is logical and easy to navigate.
  • Content Audit: we give you a full picture of the current state, quality and effectiveness of the information on your website.
  • Content Strategy: based on your goals and target audiences, we develop a strategy for online communications.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: so you are easy to find online.

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