Reconnect with potential and existing customers with an engaging remarketing strategy.

As a business, remarketing is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. It serves as a gentle reminder to customers who’ve visited your website before, to come back and check you out.

Also referred to as retargeting, remarketing works by displaying ads for your business to recent visitors to your website when they conduct future searches or browse relevant websites. What makes remarketing effective – and a source of unusually high conversion rates – is the brand recognition it builds on to strategically nurture customers through their online journeys.

Remarketing allows your customer to continually see your brand, its products and services. It drives more traffic to your site, generates more leads and grows sales.

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Attract and convert more customers with a remarketing advertising strategy.

Oz Hair & Beauty

530% Increase in Revenue & 12x ROI Through Structured Google Ads Campaigns

  • The challenge: 20x Return on Investment on Google Ads for hair and beauty products.
  • The solution: Single Keyword Ad Groups targeting individual brands with granular bidding and budget control.
  • The results: Minimum 24x ROI with a 530% increase in revenue year-on-year.
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530% increase in revenue

Cota Insurance

Targeted Facebook Advertising Strategy Drives Leads for Seniors Travel Insurer

  • The challenge: increase travel insurance leads cost-effectively in a small niche.
  • The solution: Highly targeted Facebook advertising, focused on demographics & interest.
  • The results: 2,000 new leads at a cost of just $2.21 per lead.
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