Transforming Traditional Marketing

There are a range of different ways that Kwasi can transform your traditional marketing efforts with our unique digital process.

Our process includes researching, reviewing, planning and fixing foundational issues impacting your business to lay a solid foundation for your growth. Your digital strategy can replace or enhance traditional types of marketing including:

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Above the Line

Above the line marketing uses mass media to promote brands and reach a wider audience. Transform and target your ATL marketing with Market Research, Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research and more.

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Radio Advertising

Radio advertising continues to hold some advantages even throughout the mass exodus to ipods and music streaming services like Spotify. Ensure your brand stays relevant and continues to reach the right audiences by transforming your radio advertising with digital strategies.

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TV Advertising

With the introduction of Netflix and other subscription-based streaming services, TV advertising effectiveness has rapidly declined and will continue to do so as consumers evolve. Keep reaching the right audiences with targeted, engaging search engine marketing.

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Print Media

Will print ever die? Leave the age-old debate behind and future-proof your marketing with strategies to get your content to customers on your website, through search, social media, email and influencer marketing.

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Billboard Advertising

Billboards were created to capture people’s attention where they were spending it: on the road. But today, audiences are spending all their attention online. Display advertising and search engine marketing is the perfect way to capture this new form of attention.

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Below the Line

Below the Line marketing can be costly and time-consuming to run. Make sure you’re building the right customer relationships with digital strategies including lead nurturing, remarketing and marketing automation.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Postal mail isn’t as cool as it used to be – and it never used to be that cool. Transform your direct-to-consumer marketing to reach the people who actually want to hear from you with tactics including email marketing, content strategy and social media marketing.

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Paid Email Lists

Let’s be honest: paying for email lists was never the best way to reach new customers. Instead, reach more people who are likely to be interested with a PPC strategy that makes use of prospecting, look-a-like audiences and targeted search engine and social media advertising.

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Event Marketing

Elevate your Event Marketing strategies to a targeted, modern audience through channels like video marketing, making your advertisement penetrate the media noise better than other forms of advertising.

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Traditionally, businesses raised their profile and authority through Public Relations. But in the internet age awareness and authority are built through other tactics including link building, content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

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