Marketing Automation

Scale up your marketing and supercharge your sales pipelines with powerful marketing automations.

Marketing automation is much more than a way to save time and avoid having to keep doing repetitive marketing activities yourself.

With the right strategy, marketing automations become the rocket fuel in your marketing mix. At Kwasi, we design and implement marketing automation strategies to drive exponential growth in leads, sales and profits.

Our marketing automation services include:

Email Automation

Keep your leads and customers engaged – and coming back – with automated emails triggered by behaviours, lead scores. time delays and customer values.

Automation Workflows

Create always-on but hands-off full marketing campaigns that cover your target audience’s full customer journeys with custom-built automation workflows.

Lead Scoring

Sort out your best quality leads from your tyre kickers with a lead scoring system based on your business, lead definitions and lead behaviour.

Lead Nurturing

Help website visitors along their journey to becoming customers with lead nurturing streams designed around the goals, pain points and decision making processes of your target customers.

CRM Software

Take full control over your leads, customers and sales pipeline with a Customer Relationship Management strategy that suits your business and goals.

Landing Pages

Integrate your marketing automation strategy and your website with purpose-built landing pages designed to nurture and convert leads.

Automation Software

With our experience across all major marketing automation platforms, we’ll help you find one that suits your business goals and integrates with your existing systems.

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