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Establish yourself as a leader in your field and market your brand direct to customers with blog content.

With a rich history tied to the evolution of the web, blogging started as online informational, almost journal-like style of content that demonstrated the writer’s personal opinions and voice.

It’s also one of the rare forms of online personal expression that’s well and truly survived the leap to business marketing.

Developing a blog strategy to regularly engage with your target audience can:

  • Improve your website’s SEO
  • Increase traffic through inbound links
  • Establish your brand as a leader and expert in its field
  • Make your brand seem more human and accessible to customers
  • Direct traffic and authority to key pages on your website

Blogs are the real powerhouse of effective content marketing, and best of all they drive top-of-funnel traffic straight to your website.

By establishing a blog, a business can reach a wider audience, create a sense of community, and convert website visitors into future customers.

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Shiels Jewellers

Accurate Digital Persona Guides Strategy for National Jewellery Retailer

  • The challenge: Understand the target audience for a national jewellery retailer.
  • The solution: Digital Persona, Customer Journey Mapping, Content Audit.
  • The results: research-based, data-backed customer insights to guide strategy.
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