Google Analytics Data Audit

Prepare for a successful migration over to Google Analytics 4 by undertaking a data audit with Kwasi.

A Google Analytics data audit is the best way to ensure your data is completely accurate. To give you enough trust in your data to make sound business decisions once you migrate to GA4, we will conduct a comprehensive Google Analytics data audit to make sure everything is being tracked correctly. 

How can Kwasi help?

Using a comprehensive and proven checklist, we closely examine every facet, configuration and setting of your Google Analytics property. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in developing a complete understanding of what you’re measuring, how you’re measuring it and how you’re processing, integrating, segmenting and filtering your data.

Every Google Analytics property is set up in different ways, and even slight differences in any of the above can have significant impacts on the data you use to make decisions and report outcomes.

At the completion of your data audit we will present you with a detailed report that will be instrumental in determining what needs to be preserved during your migration to Google Analytics 4, what needs to be fixed and what can be evolved.

The data audit is presented during a Google Analytics Measurement Strategy workshop, during which we work closely with you on making key decisions about your goals and measurement going forwards.

Migrate to the new Google Analytics 4 before July 1

Make sure you’re ready to transition when Google Analytics is replaced this year to ensure your business isn’t disrupted.

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