Beyond The Ordinary: 10 Cool AI Use Cases & Software

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved rapidly over the past few years, giving rise to some truly fascinating applications. From creating sitcom scenes to generating catchy band music, AI is pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Here’s a dive into some of the coolest AI use cases and software that were highlighted recently at BrightonSEO by Ryan Broderick. Kwasi founder, Woj, and SEO Strategist, Jojo, were there taking notes…

AI Use Cases Overview:

10 Cool (And Some Scary) AI Use Cases & Software

1. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a “latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input”. Its capabilities range from generating detailed imagery to simulating complex physical processes. The software’s adaptability and advanced neural networks enable users to witness AI’s magic in various contexts.

a 38 year old female seo strategist working for a digital marketing agency - image created by AI

2. Eleven Labs

Driven by AI’s power, Eleven Labs offers advanced text to speech and voice cloning software. You can create lifelike voiceovers for your content or use their AI voice generator as an easy-to-use text reader.

3. Uber Duck

With Uber Duck, you can pick a beat, generate lyrics using AI (or use your own), then choose an AI-created voice (or build your own) to develop a music track complete with synthetic singing and rapping vocals.


4. Watchme Forever Live Twitch

There’s now an entire TV channel created by AI, and it’s always on. WatchMeForever is available on Twitch and comes with its own AI-generated version of Seinfeld (complete with canned laughter!) Honestly, does it get any weirder than this?

AI-generated seinfeld on Watchmeforever

5. AI-Generated Family Guy

Much like the Seinfeld experiment, AI is also trying its hand at recreating the humour of the Family Guy series. While the generated scenes might not fully capture the original show’s essence, they provide an entertaining perspective.

AI-generated Family Guy on youtube

6. Will Smith Eats Spaghetti

You can find AI-created content all over YouTube now but, don’t worry, we’re a long way away from AI being able to produce convincing fakes. Just have a look at this AI-generated video of Will Smith eating spaghetti and tell us what you think!

7. Harry Potter Balenciaga

This AI initiative blends the world of high fashion with the magic of the Harry Potter universe. It’s a demonstration of how AI can understand and mesh two entirely different domains to create something new and captivating—but you can still tell it’s AI!

8. AISIS: An OASIS AI Cover Band

Music and AI collide in this surprisingly good instance of AI imitating art. AISIS takes inspiration from the legendary band OASIS but produces music using AI algorithms. It’s an exciting venture into understanding how AI perceives and replicates music. Have a listen below:

9. AI imagery

AI-generated still images are now well and truly in the public arena. As AI gets better and better at imitating human media, especially imagery, it’s worth taking note of the telltale signs that images weren’t produced with human hands. AI-generated imagery often contains specific patterns, like an unusual use of orange and blue colours. Additionally, the subject is usually centered and clear, whereas the edges are more blurry. Here at Kwasi, we’ve also noticed that hairlines and fingers are often a bit bizarre…!

AI-generated image of a professional man holding out his hand - hands look strange  AI-generated image of a professional woman shaking hands - hands look strange

AI-generated image of a professional woman in front of a bookcase - ear and hairline looks strange

10. ChatGPT’s Entrepreneurial Advice

Jackson Greathouse Fall used ChatGPT to turn a mere $100 into a thriving business. Greathouse Fall said that he managed to raise $1,378.84 for his company in just a day and the company was valued at $25,000 soon after. Want to know what ChatGPT’s advice was for launching a profitable business?

  • Step one: Buy a domain and hosting
  • Step two: Set up a niche affiliate website
  • Step three: Leverage social media
  • Step four: Optimise for search engines

So there you have it: 10 weird and wonderful AI use cases. The above examples provide just a glimpse into the vast and ever-evolving world of AI applications. Whether it’s for pure entertainment or groundbreaking research, AI is continually redefining the limits of what’s possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how AI can improve your digital marketing efforts, get in touch with the team at Kwasi.


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