Types of Marketing Agencies + Using Agencies To Meet Your Business Goals

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Working with a marketing agency can expand the brain trust of your marketing team and empower your business to achieve marketing goals. With access to specialists in specific fields, an agency can help you reach goals faster.

Depending on what your next marketing goal is, there are types of agencies that can help you to get there. Some marketing agencies will provide a ‘point-in-time’ service that sets your business up for success, while others will stay with you on a journey of growth.

There are a whopping 18 types of marketing agencies out there, and with so many types to choose from, understanding which agency provides the value you need is key.

18 types of marketing agencies, six you need to know

The 18 types of marketing agencies include social media marketing, branding, PPC, growth marketing, creative boutiques, email marketing, public relations, web design, media, influencer marketing, events, content marketing, search engine optimisation, B2B, traditional advertising, market research, digital marketing and performance marketing.

Since these agency types are often combined to provide a more comprehensive service, we will look more closely at six agency types that marketing departments and business owners are most likely to consider engaging.

Performance marketing agencies

Performance marketing agencies provide digital marketing services that have direct business performance outcomes, for example, more revenue, increased sales and increased profit.

A performance marketing agency’s services typically include paid-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO). These services may be supported by email and SMS marketing, including automation and newsletters.

Using data collected from these marketing channels and bespoke market research, a performance marketing agency can help your business identify potential new and existing audiences and target markets.

Combining these digital services ensures customer touchpoints across the marketing funnel, from brand awareness to consideration, decision and retention. A performance marketing agency is focused on helping your business to grow over time using consistent content marketing and advertising strategy.

Digital marketing agencies


A digital marketing agency manages your online or digital presence, ensuring that your brand is found on the channels and platforms where your customers spend time. This will typically include social media, paid advertising, lead generation strategies, search engine optimisation and other marketing activities that create and build an online presence across owned and third-party platforms.

Owned platforms include your website and subscriber list while third-party platforms include social media sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. A digital marketing agency may create assets needed for digital marketing channels or may request these.

Creative marketing agencies

Creative agencies create the look and feel of your business, directly influencing the customer experience. This includes branding, design of key marketing assets like logos or visual displays, and graphic design. A creative agency may also provide the brand tone of voice and establish the language you use to communicate with customers. Some creative agencies also provide website design.

Marketing teams will typically engage a creative agency when establishing a new brand, rebranding, or undertaking activations or campaigns that require unique creative assets. These assets may then be used internally or passed to a digital marketing or performance agency for use in advertising, lead generation, email marketing and social media.

Social media marketing

Social media agencies manage your brand presence on third-party platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Services may include identifying the right platforms to focus on, creating and publishing content, and engaging with your target audience. A social media agency can support you by engaging with user-generated content creators and distributing content that provides trust signals for your brand, like positive customer reviews.

Influencer marketing often falls within social media marketing, or it can be arranged separately. While social media marketing is ongoing, influencer marketing may be for specific launches or activations. Influencers your audience trusts are identified and engaged in providing marketing services, which often include ‘un-boxing’ and a review of a product. Influencer marketing may extend to a podcast or interview, guest-posting on your social media or website, and sharing your marketing to their own subscriber list.

Traditional advertising

Businesses that undertake traditional advertising may use an agency to help improve the cost per acquisition and return on ad spend. Traditional advertising includes advertising in magazines, billboards, catalogues, and media including radio and TV. Measuring the return on ad spend can be less clear-cut with traditional advertising, however, for some industries it remains an important part of building brand awareness.

Public relations (PR) marketing

Public relations or ‘reputation’ agencies handle the reputation of your company through owned, earned and paid channels. A PR firm manages messaging to the press, to increase brand awareness and manage reputation. Larger businesses and established brands typically engage PR agencies but they may also be useful to small or starting companies.

A PR agency works closely with other marketing agencies and your internal team to manage reputation, any emerging crisis, media relations, speech writing and media training. A PR agency may also support with social media, market research, outreach, event planning and copywriting, including tone of voice.

A values-driven marketing agency works with your brand to achieve real results

Whether you decide to engage one type of marketing agency or several, having the right support at the right time can truly elevate your business success. Kwasi is a values-driven performance-marketing agency with a diverse range of skill services that can be combined and tailored to achieve your business goals.

Frequently asked questions

How many types of marketing agencies are there?

With 18 types of marketing agencies, choosing the best fit means you need to be crystal clear on your goals and the best way to achieve them. Mixing PR with advertising, creative services, strong branding, social media and performance marketing the right balance for your business is the challenge of in-house marketing teams.

What are the main types of marketing agencies?

Performance marketing, branding, creative, social media, public relations (PR) and advertising are common marketing agency types. Influencer marketing agencies and events agencies also provide marketing services.

How many types of ad agencies are there?

Advertising agency types are divided into 5 specialisations: Google Advertising, Meta Advertising, Media Buying Agencies and Full Service Agencies. The final agency type provides creative, copy and management services for advertising budgets.

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