Targeted Video Content Breathes Life into Adelaide

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With a city polarised over whether they love or loathe the topical new ‘Breathe’ tv ad campaign, does Adelaide understand who the ad is actually aimed at?

Adelaide Breathe
This ad is about Adelaide. But it has not been made for Adelaideans. Good TV ads, like smart digital marketing content, is strategically created to connect and engage with a brand’s audience and address what they’re thinking and feeling.

‘Breathe’ is Adelaide reaching out for flying, driving, visiting interstate customers. Not for Adelaideans themselves. This is a key point that the locals seem to keep missing.

The brouhaha seemed to kick off over a year ago with the equally controversial Brand South Australia corporate identity launch.

It then reared its argumentative head again with the ‘wildness’ of Tourism SA’s Kangaroo Island, ‘Let Yourself Go’.

Only to be followed by a bigger outcry with the darkly evocative ‘Barossa, Be Consumed’ TVCs, complete with a sombre Nick Cave sonata.

Again, a reactive theme seems to be appearing: when you don’t understand something, attack is the best form of defence.

Venting Insta-spleens.

And here we are again, venting our Insta-spleens and throwing the Facebook at the state’s latest strategy to demand some attention and attract some dollars for our state capital.

If it’s got anything South Australian, Adelaidean or vineyard in it, it’s automatically all about you, right?  Well, this is misperception ground-zero, right here.

It’s. Not. For. You.

This ad is about getting the attention of Sydneysiders, Melbournians and Brisbanites. Then persuading them to rock over a state border or two, to visit us in little old Adelaide. This means persuading a interstate mindset, attitude and perception to consider Adelaide.

No brainer, right? We have the Fringe, Clipsal, TDU, KI, Barossa, crazy Uni students and a $550 million new Adelaide oval. What’s not to love and-drive-eight-hours-for? Hold it right there.

Teleport… now!

You are looking through the one-way glass into a focus group session in Sydney or Melbourne, seeing the results of a survey to gain insights into what east coasters think of Adelaide. Result?


That’s what people were thinking of Adelaide just a few months ago. Nothing! Our gorgeous city didn’t even register an emotional response.  And that was our (Adelaide) ad agency’s brief.

Make a state capital with a perceived “nothing” brand personality energised, exuberant and unique enough to get interstate punters onto Webjet.

For Customers. Not clients.

Good TV ads, like digital marketing content, are strategically created to connect and engage with their audience. While it contains ‘client’ messages, the brand is reaching out to make friends. As opposed to the annoyingly familiar “it’s-all-about-me”, client ads. ‘Breathe’ is Adelaide reaching out for flying, driving, visiting interstate customers. Not for Adelaideans.

Breathe, y’all.

That’s why THIS is the answer for Adelaide:

We’re not stressed out metro claustrophobes, like you east-coast dudes. We’re chilled, creative, unique and, quite frankly, we don’t give a flying f… astronaut what or who you think we are.

Adelaide is out there, man. Out where you suddenly want to be.

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