Inbound Marketing Strategy

Do you want to attract, engage and delight your customers? You need an inbound marketing strategy.

As a subset of online marketing, inbound works by attracting audiences, engaging users and delighting customers. Inbound marketing is growing your business by providing value and building trust, so you can deliver the very best customer experience at every stage of the buyer journey.

As the world shifts to an online space, the challenge is keeping your business in touch with ‘humans’. An inbound marketing strategy guides online businesses towards that. When you can provide the same level of attention and care through your website as you do in-store, you hold the golden key to business growth and success.

There’s no one size fits all with inbound marketing…

Which is why we tailor our digital strategies to your business and your target audience. As your inbound marketers, our goal is to attract new visitors to your site, create quality content that engages them, and delight them with their online experience both during and after their journey with you. We work with you to transform your website in a way that adds value for your audience no matter what stage they are at.

By ensuring that your audience is nurtured through every step of the way – from the moment they become aware of their problem, to the moment they decide to make a purchase – you can feel confident that you’re proving the kind of service human’s want.


Get them to your site

Attracting an audience to your site isn’t about attracting everyone and anyone. You want to attract the right people – the people who are after your products or services. To ensure quality leads are cruising towards your brand you need an inbound marketing strategy that caters for their needs.

We will attract the right audience to your site by developing a content marketing plan that is catered to your buyer persona. We will create the types of content your audience wants to see and read about. Do they like blogs? We’ll write blog posts. Do they use social media? We’ll revamp your social accounts. Do they need your products? We’ll make sure you’re found. Using search engine optimization tactics is one part of the equation when it comes to attracting audiences; the other is making sure your audience is satisfied with what they find when they click your website over the competition.


Keep them on your site

So you got them to your site, but the next challenge is keeping them there. It’s this point where you want to use conversations to keep your audience engaged. Using smart customer relationship management and lead nurturing techniques, you need to provide the conversion tools that work for your target audience.

We will engage your audience by creating the channels that lead your audience from a mere browser to a promising prospect. We will create landing pages with enticing call to actions, forms and lead flows that make your audience want to sign up to your email marketing campaign, enquire to find out more and purchase.


Make them want to come back again

Happy customers fuel business growth, which is why you want to make sure your audience is delighted by your brand, your products and your service. This is where you want to keep the conversation flowing. You want your audience to come back; to tell their friends and family; to become a loyal customer that holds trust in what you do.

We will help you to delight your audience by creating smart content. By giving the right people the right information at the right time. We will work with you to create email marketing campaigns that entice interest and drive more sales. We will path the way to a seamless customer experience that leaves your audience saying “wow, that brand really knows what they’re doing”, because before the product or service is the journey. And if the journey isn’t a good one, people won’t want to visit your site again.

Inbound delivers real results

We conducted deep data-driven research to develop an accurate digital persona to guide our strategy for a national jewellery retailer. Now we create engaging content that delights their audience and  leaving them wanting more every time.

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A Sydney law firm found that they weren’t attracting the amount of traffic they desired; we found this was due to their site not providing what their audience were looking for. However. advanced keyword mapping, highly-targeted optimisations and user behavior testing increased leads by 142% in 6 months.

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