TV Advertising

Just as soon as this glowing screen entered people’s lives, advertisers discovered that is the perfect way of getting their customer’s attention.

TV’s power has always been its ability to reach large audiences and win them with high quality, engaging content. Advertisers could – to a degree – pick which channels and shows they advertised on, allowing them to reach audiences more in tune with their business and deliver ads that spoke to what interested them.

But TV always came at a cost – usually a large one. Good ads are expensive to make and even more expensive to put on TV. The shows with the largest audiences for advertisers also had the broadest, not everyone watching would become a customer. It was also hard to know just how effective ads were in building brand awareness and driving sales.

While the TV is still a big part of most people’s lives, it’s no longer our favourite or even most looked-at screen anymore. Today, online is the advertiser’s promised land; where customers explore, consume, interact and even buy.

At Kwasi we offer tailored digital strategies that can transform or replace your traditional TV advertising to grow your business’ customers, brand and sales. We offer services that include: