Public Relations should be all about driving positive reputation, but like all forms of traditional marketing, if it hasn’t adapted to an online culture of consumers then it will have limitations.

But with Kwasi’s Digital Transformation process you can turn your PR into a marketing stream that is innovative and influential.

Some of the benefits of PR is that audiences are more likely to trust information coming from an objective source as opposed to paid-for advertising messages. PR can also reach a large audience, as it can be picked up by news outlets creating exposure.

The disadvantage however, is that there is no direct control over the outcomes of this form of marketing.

The media can portray your message in any way, control when your message will appear, and where it will be placed. There are no guaranteed results, and you may spend money on photographers, journalists and more with no certainty that your story will be picked up. It can also be difficult to measure and audit your PR’s effectiveness and the impact it has on audiences.

Kwasi can bring your current PR to life with a digital strategy that makes it current, measurable and generate results that you have much more control over.

We can transform traditional PR with a range of services including:

We can classify your aims and objectives, target audience, target media, your resources and your budget to create something that works.

Additionally, developing relationships with content writers, online journalists and more we can create reasons for customers to come back which increases your traffic, sales, leads and brand awareness.