Paid Email Lists

When businesses understand just how much raw potential there is in email marketing, the temptation to build their own list at any cost can become strong.

For some, paying for email lists is an option. For businesses with the budget, this provides a fast way to build an audience, especially if they buy from another business with similar customers.

Ethical questions aside, there are still some serious downsides to paying for existing email lists.

The biggest are spam risks – particularly with regulations like GDPR and increasingly sophisticated spam filters, receiving outdated lists, poor fit with your recipients and higher unsubscribe rates over time.

There are much better ways to build lists of high quality email contacts. For businesses who aim to grow their lists, we offer services like:

We also make sure our clients are able to use their email marketing lists to their full potential with email marketing strategies, email automations and lead nurturing to ensure subscribers make the all-important jump to customers.