Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing has long been thought an effective way for businesses to get their brands into the homes of their local customers. Postcards, coupons, special offers and especially catalogues are sent to people’s homes on the theory that they will bring customers in to local stores.

For a long time, direct mail has had the advantage of being one of the best ways to very closely target customers by geography, marketing to just those near you or changing your creative to suit different areas.

But direct mail marketing can be an incredibly expensive way to reach customers in your local area – especially when many people throw out their “junk” mail without giving it a second’s thought.

Today, customers want their information on-demand. They would much rather visit your website than wait for your next catalogue to arrive. Digital has become the first preference (by a long way) over snail mail for your customers, and it should be your first choice too.

Digital offers advertisers many advantages over direct mail, including:

  • Better targeting. Not only can you market to locals, you can home in on people with the right demographics, interests and shopping behaviours as your ideal customers.
  • Better ways to track results. Coupons and catalogues are not impossible to track, but ROI on search advertising, Google Shopping and online offers are much easier to measure.
  • Better control of your creative. You can test and change ad creative, budgets and offers on the fly based on real-time insights about your strategy.
  • Better ROI overall. Targeted online advertising is much more cost-effective than printing and physically mailing print materials.