Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising may have been an effective form of marketing back when people (especially drivers) had less to look at in a brief moment of boredom, but that time is behind us.

Screens are now ever-present, and they are the first place almost anyone looks in a moment of idleness.

Billboards were once effective because they were there in the right places at the right times. Brands could make their advertising visually appealing and locally relevant to catch customers right where they needed them.

But today not all your best customers are locals, and those who are want information on-demand about the best options near them.

Customers have moved online and brands who want to reach them – whether they’re local or not – need to do the same.

At Kwasi, we promise digital transformation that connects you with the right customers. We develop tailored strategies that include:

If you want customers to pay attention to your brand today you have to put your brand where customers are actually putting their attention.

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