Below The Line

Below the Line marketing is a form of one-to-one marketing and customer relationship management that creates strong customer relationships, develops brand loyalty and repeat sales.

Because of its personal nature, BTL marketing can be incredibly powerful for nurturing leads and increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

But its limitations are also clear from its very nature. Investing time and resources into customers one-on-one can be expensive, hard to replicate, hard to scale and doesn’t guarantee results.

Digital has the power to transform this though, by setting out strategies to help you identify the best possible customers to focus on, build repeatable processes and automate as much of the work as possible.

Some of the ways we can transform your below the line marketing with digital at Kwasi are:

  • Persona and Journey research to develop a full, data-informed understanding of your ideal customers.
  • Lead scoring to identify, based on how they interact with you, which of your leads are most likely to become customers.
  • Lead nurturing to reduce the time and work involved in turning visitors into leads into customers.
  • Marketing automation to make the whole process work seamlessly, hands-off.

Work with Kwasi to transform your below the line marketing and improve your lead generation.