Taylah Cini

SEO & Content Marketing Assistant

As soon as Tay joined Kwasi, we knew she was a great fit. A caring heart, and a master of words – she writes with creativity behind every piece of content. Finishing the last leg of her degree in Toronto, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Creative Industries and a major in Marketing, Communication and Media. 

Starting her work day on her second coffee, Tay is a challenger dedicated to solving problems efficiently and giving 100% effort. As our Digital Content Assistant, Tay is an important contributor to the content team through blog writing, content optimisation, keyword research and building sitemaps. Ultimately Tay’s goal is to help our clients reach their goals organically through search engine optimisation

Outside of Kwasi HQ you can find Tay ticking countries off her bucket list, or catching the still ocean on a paddle board with her pup Ari. 

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