Oscar Redfearn

PPC Lead/Strategist

A guy of many talents, which include racing cars and being an (almost) major black hat SEO, is Oscar. Renowned as Kwasi’s go-to Google Ads guy, he’s a Kwasi old-timer with over 7 years in the team. His humble beginnings started in the world of Search Engine Optimisation – where he performed keyword research, built sitemaps and implemented the famous Kwasi Index. Oscar was soon handed the baton to lead paid media. From then on Oscar took over Search Engine Marketing and Google Ads and became an unstoppable weapon in the field of PPC Advertising

As the Paid Lead Strategist at Kwasi, Oscar knows the ins and outs of every campaign from prospecting to remarketing. If you want to appear #1 on search engines, speak to Oscar, he can spot a top performing keyword from a simple search and help increase your sales, traffic and leads. With working knowledge of brands across ECommerce, B2B and B2C he can whip up a paid media strategy fit for your brand in no time. And don’t worry, he doesn’t disappear after planning your strategy. You will find him behind the scenes building your campaigns, forecasting spends, creating ads and analysing your killer results. When he’s not strategising away behind his MacBook screen, you can find him training the paid team on new industry trends, Google products and account optimisations.  

Outside of Kwasi HQ, you can find Oscar out on the tennis courts, watching his beloved Newcastle United chase Premier League glory, or on a brisk drive in the Adelaide Hills looking for a chilly beer and cosy sun spot.

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