Oscar Redfearn

PPC Lead/Strategist

There are two things you need to know about Oscar: he currently holds the title for longest standing Kwasi team member (apart from the big man himself, of course) and he’s your go-to guy – or rather only guy – when it comes to Google Ads.

Other people might say that they understand Google and PPC advertising but we doubt that they put the kind of heart into a Google Ads strategy the way that Oscar does. If you’re an ecomm business, he’ll make sure your products are the first thing people see when they’re looking to buy with a sexy Google Shopping setup. B2B? No problems! He’ll use that top notch keyword research to make sure you’re competitively bidding for the right keywords to help increase your sales, traffic and leads. Along with his colleague, Marie, they really are the PPC dream team you need on your side.

When he’s not strategising away behind his MacBook screen, Oscar’s a bit of a car enthusiast – he’s an avid lover of Formula 1 (and Daniel Ricciardo!) but he’s not one to discriminate, all race cars get him going. Also, one time he slid into Damien Martyn’s DM to wish him a Happy Birthday, and he replied ‘thanks’. 

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