Woj Kwasi

Founder/Digital Strategist

Woj is a web experience strategist, digital marketer and entrepreneur and Kwasi’s eponymous founder.

Earning his stripes in large agencies where he rapidly climbed the ranks in a range of technical, consulting, account, management and director roles, Woj was mastering the arts of inbound marketing, long-term strategic thinking and customer-centric design back when much of the SEO industry was still focussed on trying to manipulate search engines with short-term tactics.

In 2011, Woj saw an opportunity for someone with his foresight, philosophy and broad experience to make a real difference for businesses. Leaving the safety net of Sydney’s established agencies, he returned to Adelaide with a mission of starting his own that could genuinely make the internet a better place for people and brands, allowing users to find what they want quicker and easier at all touchpoints.

Under Woj’s directorship, Kwasi has grown from strength to strength. Since being founded in 2011, the agency has attracted national and international clients through referrals and its strong reputation for quality, innovation, strategy and results.

In 2017, Kwasi was named a finalist in SA Fast Movers, having achieved 63.38% average annual revenue growth over the last 3 financial years.

Today, Kwasi is becoming the go-to expert in their space, seeing every brand’s website as the foundation for sustainable success and inbound marketing as the key driver for sales.

For Woj, our time and our knowledge are our most valuable resources and he believes in the power of sharing those over traditional financial exchanges.

Woj is passionate about mentoring and education. He educates businesses and future marketers through conferences like Search Marketing Summit, Big Digital Adelaide which he co-founded and numerous professional meet-ups he has organised; workshops and business events; guest lecturing at Flinders University, TafeSA and through the Speakers in Schools Program and Kwasi’s internship program.

Volunteering for Media Cause, a marketing and communications agency that helps nonprofits and altruistic organisations, Woj has donated his own time to mentor and provide career guidance to a range of young developing professionals.

Through Media Cause and his own initiatives, Woj has also provided pro bono consulting and services to non-profit organisations like Opportunity Junction and the World Medical Fund.

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