Jojo Furnival

SEO Specialist

Originally hailing from the UK, Jojo brings some international flavour as well as content expertise to Kwasi. After gaining 10 years of PR account management, events and content experience, both in-house and at a London-based agency, she’s here to make sure that your SEO strategy and all your content is in order.

With degrees in Law and Classics, Jojo lives and breathes content. She also has an extensive background in freelance writing for a variety of clients, which in conjunction with her previous agency experience makes her the perfect content strategist and editor. She ensures that all the web content we create is perfectly optimised for its target audience and SEO. After all, concise and relevant content is king, right? She also looks after our outsourcing process and keeps our freelancers in line.

In her spare time, she loves going to the beach with her dog, Terry, as well as hiking, wine tasting and growing avocado plants.

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