PPC Ads Audit

Uncover hidden opportunities to improve your PPC performance and remove inefficiencies from your advertising accounts.

From Google Ads and Facebook Ads to programmatic display advertising and TikTok Ads, digital advertising (or PPC) is one of the most important revenue-generating and growth channels for many businesses.

It’s vital that marketers and business leaders have a firm understanding of their PPC accounts to succeed. Through a PPC audit lead by Kwasi’s digital strategists and specialists, you can:

  • Understand how your accounts and ad campaigns are structured.
  • Develop a sound understanding of your spend strategy and where cost efficiency can be improved and where investment should be made.
  • Discover which channels, campaigns and markets are driving performance.
  • Set benchmarks for growth.
  • Uncover opportunities to improve performance against your goals.
  • Find and fix issues that are holding you back.

A PPC audit by an independent third-party can help you take your PPC accounts to the next if you:

  • Manage your digital advertising in-house and want some expert guidance.
  • Have a new team taking over advertising accounts from an incumbent in-house or external team.
  • Partner with a marketing agency already and want an objective, fresh perspective.
  • Are considering making a change to your PPC account management or strategy.
  • Are a new marketing manager who needs to understand your team’s performance and opportunities quickly.

During your audit, the team will take a thorough deep-dive into your accounts before presenting our findings in an audit report and a strategy (or list of recommendations) to improve performance and fix any issues we find.

Depending on your needs, we can conduct a thorough end-to-end analysis of your entire digital advertising strategy or audit individual ads accounts, like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

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Cota Insurance

Targeted Facebook Advertising Strategy Drives Leads for Seniors Travel Insurer

  • The challenge: increase travel insurance leads cost-effectively in a small niche.
  • The solution: Highly targeted Facebook advertising, focused on demographics & interest.
  • The results: 2,000 new leads at a cost of just $2.21 per lead.
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