Conversion Copywriting Guide

Learn the Art (& Science) of Online Persuasion

Since the invention of writing, everyone from Plato to international diplomats to hypnotists have recognised the power of words to persuade and inspire action. In today’s internet age when anything can be understood with data, we know that writing’s power of persuasion is more science than art or magic and can be harnessed by anyone with the right know-how.

If you want more of your website visitors to act on your content to become leads or convert to customers the conversion copywriting guide is for you.

In this guide you’ll learn the secrets to mastering the five essential elements of conversion copy:

  1. The call to action: How to get your readers to act
  2. The hook: How to reel your readers in
  3. The benefits: How to show what you can do for people
  4. The answers: How to answer the uncomfortable questions
  5. The social proof: How to prove what you say

Writing compelling web content that inspires readers to become your customers isn’t magic: it isn’t even hard to learn when you have our conversion copywriting guide.

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