7 Tips On How To Use Google Like An Expert

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We all use Google. After all, it’s the best search engine in the world. But do you use it to the best of its capabilities? In this article we outline a number of simple techniques that we often use as search engine optimisation specialists that can help anyone get the most out of this amazing search engine.

1) Google.com OR Google.com.au

The biggest tip is to make sure what Google Search Country you are searching in! There will be times in which you would like to search the entire internet; in this case searching from Google.com may be more effective. Searching from Google.com.au gives results which are more relevant (but not constrained to) Australians.

2) Local Search

You can get specific results by searching locally. For example, let’s say you’re looking for Thai takeaway in Modbury, South Australia. There’s no point simply typing ‘Thai takeaway’ unless you’re looking for results relating to the whole of Adelaide. So what you do is type in Thai takeaway 5092 [adding your post code].

Screen shot 2

3) Site Specific Searches

The opportunity may arise in which you do not wish to search the entire internet (or at least what Google has indexed), but wish to constrain it to a particular website. We’ve found this particularly useful for quickly scanning large media websites. So, lets say you want to search the TechLife site for mentions of the iPhone, you can simply type in iphone site:techlife.net.

Screen Shot

4) The ‘filetype’: operator

Google not only indexes website but also a variety of file types such as PDFs, Word Documents & Excel Files. The ‘filetype query’ gives the ability to constrain results a particular file. This is one of our favourite search secrets for finding high quality resources.
Sceen shot 4
Notice how all the search results are PDF files? Cool.

5) The ‘related’: operator

You might have found a business website that offers a great service but you wish to check out their competition. The search string related:  allows you to do this –
Screen Shot 5

6) Search for multiple words at once

Google search is extremely sophisticated. It is fully aware that you may not find what you want by searching a single word or phrase. Therefore, it can be a good idea to search for multiples. By using this trick, you can search for one word or phrase along with a second word or phrase. This can help narrow down your search to help you find exactly what you want.

7) Optimised Searches

If a search isn’t producing the results you want, optimise it. Right at the bottom of a page of search results, Google shows the user similar search terms that it thinks are related to your preliminary search . Instead of re-searching, take a look at this list and choose a search that looks like it might match what you’re looking for.

Screen shot 3


Further Resources
One of the best resources for learning about Google Search Queries is Google Guide. Their website contains a vast resource on Google’s capabilities, features & services.

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