Marie Ristic

PPC Analyst

As our resident astrologer, Marie is able to understand the world on a different level. Which is probably why she’s such an incredible all rounder. After arriving on the scene as a content intern in late 2018, she instead found her calling in local SEO and keyword research. So Marie is your girl when it comes to finding out what people are searching online and identifying how that attracts customers for you – which is essentially the key in how SEO works.

Once she finished up her Bachelor of Commerce (with a major in Marketing), it was only natural that we asked her to stay on as a full time Kwasi team member. Little did we know how integral she’d become to the team – she’s taken on part time roles in account management and project coordinating, AND she’s also our link building lead. Talk about busy!

When she’s not at work, she can read your tarot cards, tell you all about how Mercury Retrograde will ruin your life and she’s also our resident Simpsons enthusiast.

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