Almee Cheng

Digital Project Manager

Hailing from China with abundant experience, is our caring, chilli-loving, Project Manager at Kwasi. Before joining the Kwasi crew, Almee juggled AI and IoT at IBM, where she grew her process-driven style through helping businesses boost their operational processes. With a growth mindset, Almee continued to explore the business world through studying Marketing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. Discovering her passion for marketing and digital transformation, she honed in on her skills and grew her career in account management and digital marketing roles across various industries.

Almee is the Digital Project Manager at Kwasi. She is your go-to person to ensure projects are delivered on time, on scope and on budget. Overseeing the production process, Almee leads the highly-skilled Kwasi team, fostering open and clear communication and facilitating professional development for all team members. Her experience on both sides of the fence, allows her to be considerate of both client and agency roadblocks. She can easily decipher the Marketing matrix and will be your right hand in achieving the best results and create impact where it matters. Almee is also responsible for developing your brand’s digital strategy through analysing the production process, and ensuring best practices and the highest standards are always met. 

When Almee is not busy in the production studio, you may find her hunting down the newest restaurant in town, binge-watching true crimes, sipping art (or a coffee) at a local gallery, or running around her two fluffy balls of fur.

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