Website Development

While we’re not a web development company, we do offer web renovation services.

These services are designed to help improve your existing website, but if the wrecking ball has to be taken to your site and it needs to start from the ground up, then we can help with that too – especially the rebuilding part!

An effective website should be attractive, easy to use and logically arranged.

Without ticking all of these boxes, both user experience and search engine crawlability will never improve. Kwasi can be the renovator of your website in a number of ways, including:

  • Incorporating SEO techniques to make your site easy to find by both your customers and the search engines.
  • Performing complete audits of your site to determine what works and what doesn’t.
  • Defining a sitemap and web strategy. This includes a competitor analysis, social media reviews, content plans and a link building strategy.
  • Website content development: the creation of relevant and quality content that will help with your website’s ranking in search engines.

Web Developer Guides

We create digital “bibles” for website developers/designers. By following our comprehensive guides, you can ensure your website is performing well and on the road to improvement.

Website Migrations

If a website is rebuilt, search engine visibility and equity can be affected. To ensure there is no loss when the new website is launched, we’ll implement a thorough site migration strategy.

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