Review Phase

Reviews, in any form, are vital to businesses. They evaluate how a business is performing, show how it’s engaging with its customers, and identify where the gaps and opportunities for improvement are.

This rings just as true for websites too.

This is the focus of the Review Phase of our digital transformation process. We audit several factors to present a comprehensive analysis of your website.

The Review Phase includes:

  • A content audit: that determines which personas, motivations, key messages and customer journey stages are addressed by the existing content, and where the gaps are.
  • User behaviour analysis: that investigates how visitors currently use the website and future recommendations to improve user experience.
  • A technical review: an assessment of your website from a technical SEO perspective.
  • An NAP and local SEO review: that audits directory listings, citations for your Name, Address and Phone Numbers, and evaluates your website on a local scale.
  • A backlink review: that provides fundamental knowledge of your site’s link profile.
  • A social media review: an investigation into your current presence on social media channels against your persona’s preferences.

These audits and reviews enable us to determine how online users and search engines see your business online. It’s another key step towards your digital transformation.

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