Plan Phase

The Plan Phase combines the all the data gathered during the Research and Review Phases to map out what needs to be done to elevate your website and grow your business.

The Plan Phase is the crucial third phase of your digital transformation. It includes:

  • Mapping your information architecture: a visual representation of your website’s sitemap based on keyword research, competitor reviews and consultation with you.
  • SEO strategy: to optimise your website’s visibility in organic Search Engine Results Pages.
  • Design and layout recommendations: best practice and research-based guidelines for on-site elements to improve digital performance.
  • A content plan & content strategy: executing the most effective methods to target your Digital Personas with online content.
  • A website migration plan: implementing migration tactics to ensure there is no loss to search engine visibility and equity during a site rebuild or move.
  • A digital strategy plan: establishing campaign goals, KPIs and “always-on” tactics to grow your business.

These plans are designed to target your Digital Personas, achieve your business goals and enrich your website’s user experience; they’re your roadmap to digital success.

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