A successful website starts with a strong foundation. You’d never build a house in the sand, so why do the same with your website?

This is why the Foundation Stage is so important to a successful, long-term digital strategy that grows the traffic, leads, sales and brand for your business.

To get the foundations right, we take you through a five-step process that digitally transforms your website from the ground up.

It includes:

  • Using SEO to fix any issues that are stopping search engines from crawling and understanding your website in the context of your Digital Persona and their Customer Journey.
  • Building new elements for your website based on keyword research and content analysis, such as web pages that match the identified keywords.
  • Renovating the existing elements on your website. This can include updating copywriting to include keywords and improving the user experience through UX design and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Rebuilding the website if a new approach is wanted – or needed.
  • Building a new website from the ground up.

Learn why we place so much importance on our Foundation Focus.

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